Social Media Marketing

SMM-promotion.Quick result and reasonable price

Appearance of your brand in the social network is the sign that you are open with the clients and ready to interact. Engaged audience and informal communication is a good success strategy. When ordering this service at our studio, you get the support of not only the SMM specialist but also the designer and programmer who are true professionals.
Also, we promote our company in the social networks as well. You can take a look at our pages and make sure our promotion methods are really working (for instance, you may check the number of followers, content quality, etc.):
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SMM process is primarily marketing and hard work, and that is why it requires time and skills. Entrust this to us, and we will represent you in the social network in a quality manner.

Mini Package
UAH 3 000
/per month
  • Creation and maintenance of a group
  • Group administration
  • Three social networks*
  • 10 posts per month
Maximum Package
UAH 4 500
/per month
  • Creation and maintenance of a group
  • Group administration
  • Three social networks*
  • 30 posts per month
  • Holding a competition
  • SMM strategy development


SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a set of actions aimed at promotion of certain goods and services in the social networks. The main aim of the process is increasing brand awareness, involvement and constant communication with potential and current clients.


Advantages of SMM-promotion:

  • Large-scale audience. Social networks became an inseparable part of the millions people’s lives. We will draw their attention to your brand and will get them interested.
  • Ability to analyze the audience.On their pages, the users indicate their characteristics, interests, peculiar features. By analyzing these data, we learn what exactly your clients need, and develop the success strategy.
  • Informal communication. Social media promotion is an effective communication tool. With the help of informal, entertaining and interesting content we will easily win your clients’ trust and make them remember you.
  • Information distribution. Social network users will definitely share what they liked. That is why it is so important to combine entertaining and informative content which the users will spread. Of course, we can do that.


5 reasons to order SMM at LETDA are:

  • Team work. While ordering our services, you get the support of not only SMM managers, but also programmers, designers, copywriters, content managers, etc., who are true professionals in their areas.
  • Effective SMM in the most popular social networks. We have been studying social networks and their audiences for a couple of years so far, so we know how to approach each of them very well. Letda team will represent your business in Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, and draw the clients’ attention to you.
  • Experience and actual results. We are ready to share our experience with you, show are achievements, and analyze the works you’ll indicate.
  • Prices and deadlines. Of course, social media promotion is a continuous process, since it requires constant monitoring of the audience’s changing interests and appearance of the new trends. But even within a short period you will notice good results at a moderate price.
  • We are responsible for the results!